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Anaerobic Chambers

Anaerobic/Hypoxic Chamber
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Anaerobic Chambers

Anaerobic/Hypoxic Chamber

Product Description

COY Anaerobic Chambers Flexible and Versatile

Anaerobic chambers by Coy Laboratory Products have been the choice of microbiologists worldwide for nearly 40 years. Our products are proving their merits in performance, reliability, convenience, easy operation and cost-effectiveness in applications such as:

  •  Anaerobic microbiology research
  •  Clinical microbiology
  •  Controlled biochemical assay
  •  Protein crystal growth
  •  Biofuels and environmental microbiology
  •  Specialized cell culture incubation


Configurations and Types

  • Vinyl, polymer or aluminum
  • Heated or unheated, or unheated with incubator
  • Gloved or gloveless


Standard Features All Coy Anaerobic Chambers

  • Automatic or manual airlock with vacuum pump & tubing
  • Gas regulator(s) with tubing and fittings
  • Catalyst fan box(es) (heated or unheated)
  • Stak-Pak with Catalyst (two per fan box)
  • Six-receptacle plug strip
  • Feed-thru adaptor(s)