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ChromasterUltra Rs, UHPLC

Supplier : Hitachi High-Tech
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ChromasterUltra Rs, UHPLC


Product Description

ChromasterUltra Rs, an ultra high performance liquid chromatograph, provides the ultimate in high performance, high resolution, and high sensitivity analysis that are becoming requirements for research and development in pharmaceutical and chemical fields. HITACHI UHPLC supports cutting edge studies including the high resolution analysis of chemically-similar substances and impurities in synthetic compounds and the high sensitivity detection of impurities such as harmful substances that are becoming increasingly relevant in our daily lives.


Ultra High-Speed Analysis

World's highest range of the pressure resistance, which is 140 MPa, not only supports high-speed analysis but also gives selectivity of mobile phase which likely causes of higher pressure. This delivers more variety of analysis.

High Resolution Analysis
  • The newly developed high resolution column (LaChromUltra II ODS C18, particle size of 1.9µm, 250 mm), has a high number of theoretical plates (50,000), and high pressure resistance, taking ultra high resolution analysis to the next level.
  • A newly designed binary pump with independent variable stroke plungers ensures solvent delivery with higher mixing performance and stability as it employs the low-volume double corkscrew mixer in addition to its unique LBT*1 control.
  • The standard installation of the diode array detector includes a 10 mm capillary type total reflection cartridge flow cell. The excellent control of diffusion outside the column contributes to higher resolution analysis.
High Sensitivity Analysis
  • By using the 65 mm long cartridge flow cell (optional), excellent sensitivity can be obtained from the diode array detector.
  • The DAD equipped with a new optical system achieves low noise and low drift which are key to high sensitivity analysis.
  • The auto sampler, which allows a selection of multiple washing modes, is installed with an injection port reverse washing mechanism and can provide the excellent carry over performance.
Module lineup
  • Diode array detector (DAD) system
  • UV-VIS detector system