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CP-NX Series Preparative Ultracentrifuges

Supplier : Himac
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CP-NX Series Preparative Ultracentrifuges


Truly User-friendly Design

LED Indicator - Operating status is at a glance

LED Indicator of 47cm length is mounted in a front of the table. The LED indicator shows the operating status by different colors, luminous patterns and levels of brightness. You can select a color of LED Indicator from 7 colors and light-off, level of brightness (3 levels) and luminous pattern (lighting, slow blinking, fast blinking, fading : 4 patterns) for each status (stop, acceleration, running at set speed, deceleration, vacuum holding, in economy mode, acceleration in Zonal mode, deceleration in Zonal mode, Alert status). So operating status is at a glance with the LED Indicator now.

* Actual color of LED Indicator may be different from the photos on this website due to display condition.

Touch-sensitive LCD panel with ineligible screen design

The control panel, 6.5-inch size touch-sensitive color LCD panel, is located in a front part of the machine. You do not need to stretch your arm to operate the centrifuge.
The intelligible screen designs, such as a wide indication of basic parameters, many icons for selecting function, folder colors with each symbol for program management, offers user-friendly operation, like operating a smart phone, to all users.

Multilingual Display

You can select a language from 11 languages, English, German, French, Spanish, Italy, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Korean and Japanese.

Low table height with smooth sliding door for easy loading / unloading the rotor

The table height of the CP-NX is 836mm. The low table height enables users to load / unload the rotor easier. The rotor is automatically locked by the centrifugal force once the rotation is started by the "self-locking rotor system". So it is not necessary to fix the rotor by screwing the rotor onto the drive shaft or push the button to lock/unlock the rotor any more. In addition, the improved door structure design based on the latest structure analysis technology made the door thickness 5 mm thinner than the one of our former model. The lighter door offers the same safety as the before and makes door-sliding movement (back and forth) smoother than before.

Advanced Technologies, Features & Functions

Automatic Rotor Life Management System

Total run times and total accumulated operating hours are managed automatically by the system. The RLM sensor of the ultracentrifuge reads the latest information of total nun times and total accumulated operating hours from the RLM adapter during the acceleration and the latest information of total run times and total accumulated operating hours are recorded in the RLM memory assembled on the rotor during the deceleration.

Rotor life is maximized

Automatic Rotor Life Management systems tracks the rotor usage precisely in the nearest of 0.1 time and 0.1 hours means, the rotor life is extended as much as 10 times longer than as conventional calculation. (by manual recording to the rotor log book)

Visual Balancing by non-contact imbalance sensor

Do you still adjust balance between sample tubes using scale or balance before the centrifugation? himac ultracentrifuge model CP-NX series offers visual balancing with max. 5mm sample surface difference between the sample tubes*1. (*1: except P21A2 rotor)
The visual balancing was realized by the non-contact imbalance sensor which monitors oscillation of the drive shaft during the rotation. Imbalance alarm criteria were optimized based on the characteristics of each rotor, so that system offers bigger imbalance tolerance. Of course, the sensor activates the imbalance alarm and stops rotation immediately in case the abnormal oscillation is detected.

Economy Mode * for energy saving

The stand-by electricity consumption is reduced max. 50%**, compared with our former model, by deeming the backlight of the LCD, stopping cooling fans, stopping cooling system and so on, if the control panels is not touched over the set period (setting range : 1 -180 mins).

* The mode works while drive unit and vacuum pump are stopped
** under in-house test condition


Operating History : Ma. 5,120 logs

Max. 5,120 operating logs can be recorded in the system automatically. You can export the data according to a user and/or rotor in CSV format through USB port.

Programmed Operation : 1,000 programs

You can register up to 1,000 programs for programmed operation to the system. Folder is used to manage the registered programs.You can select folder's color from 4 colors paired with a character for easy identification of the registered program.

User Lockout (standard function)

Operator can be registered to the system with 3-level access level (Administrator, Supervisor, User). Operational functions can be limited by the access level. You can register up to 50 users. Password should be entered to log-in the system.

Rotor Accessories

Tube Sealer model STF3

The STF3 is heat-welding tube sealer to use the seal tubes with fixed angle rotors, vertical rotors and neo angle rotors.

For further details, please refer to the catalogue of STF3.
Download : Catalogue of STF3 (213kb)

S-Cap Series

himac original S-cap series offer simple and easy operation of the tube cap for open-top (thin-walled) tubes.
The unique system requires just three components and three steps to assemble the cap to the tube.

* No consumables, such as O-ring
* Easy cleaning and no maintenance of the components

Three assembling steps
1. Fill sample into the tube up to 80% volume and insert AL Stem into the tube by the tool.
2. Assemble Ti Ring on the tube and tighten AL Stem and Ti Ring by the tool.
3. Fill up the sample into the tube by an injector and close Setscrew.

Disassemble procedure after the centrifugation is also simple and easy.
1. Remove Setscrew and withdraw 20% supernatant from the center hole of AL Stem by the injector.
2. Remove Ti Ring to downwards by hand.
3. Connect tube setter into the center hole of AL Stem and remove the AL Stem by moving the tube setter left and right slowly and gradually pulling up AL Stem.

Part No. Description Remarks
S410542A S-12AL Cap Assy (1pc/set) 12PA/12PE tube
S410532A S-40AL Cap Assy (1pc/set) 40PA/40PE tube
S308625A S-Cap Tool Set  
S308626A S-12AL Cap Tool Set (8caps/set) 12PA/12PE tube
S308626B S-12AL Cap Tool Set (12caps/set) 12PA/12PE tube
S308627A S-40AL Cap Tool Set (8caps/set) 40PA/40PE tube
S308627B S-40AL Cap Tool Set (12caps/set) 40PA/40PE tube
* S-12AL/S-40AL Cap Tool Set includes required number of the cap and S-cap tool set.



Model CP100NX CP90NX CP80NX
Max. Speed (rpm) 100,000 90,000 80,000
Max.RCF (xg) 803,000
Speed Control Accuracy ±2 rpm (1,000 rpm to max. speed)
ACCEL/DECEL Mode ACCEL : 10 / DECEL : 11 (10 and coasting)
Set Speed Range 1,000 rpm to max. speed in increments of 100 rpm
Timer from 1 min to 999 hours 59 min (with 1 min increments) with HOLD function
Set Temperature Range from 0ºC to 40ºC with 1ºC increments (Accuracy : +/- 0.5ºC)
Vacuum System Oil rotary vacuum pump and oil diffusion pump
Operating Sound 51dB(A) (running at set speed, under in-house test condition)
Heat Radiation Into a Room 1kW or below
Cooling System Thermo-module cooling system (CFC/HCFC/HFC-free)
Control Panel Touch-sensitive color LCD panel (6.5 inch)
Data Communication USB : Host x 1, Devise x 1 / LAN x 1
Rotor Life Management Automatic Rotor Life Management for rotors with RLM adapter
Registered by serial number to the system for rotors with optical overspeed disk
Size (mm) 790 (W) x 690(D) x 880(H) (with door cover : 890(D))
Max. height to the end of the door handle : 925(H) / Height to the table : 863(H)
Floor area (m2) 0.81 (900 x 900 mm)
Weight (kg) 390
Power Single phase, AC200V, 208V and 220V +/-10%, Max. 20A (normally 8A)
Single phase, AC230V and 240V +/-10%, Max. 16A (normally 7A)
Installation Environment Ambient temperature for operation : 2ºC to 40ºC
Ambient temperature for performance guarantee : 10ºC to 30ºC
Standard CE marking qualified
Product Safety : EN61010-1 and EN 61010-2-020 Electromagnetic Compatibility : EN 61326-1
Warranty of Drive Unit 10 years after the shipment (Full warranty) *1
Part No. (Asia/Middle East) 901067C1 901068C1 901069C1
Part No. (EU market) 901067C2 901068C2 901069C2
Part No. (USA/Canada) 901067C3 901068C3 901069C3