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COM-1700/1750 Automatic Titrator

Supplier : Hiranuma
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COM-1700/1750 Automatic Titrator


Product Description

Automatic Titrators designed to meet your needs now and in the future!
Our most Intelligent and advanced titrator ever produced, the COM-1700 series.


1   Easily control up to 4 independent multitasking workstations.
Additional Titration stations + Stirrers can easily allow end users to do different types of titraion including potentiometric, photometric, polarization, and conductometric titrations in parallel.
Configuring multiple titration stations with an automatic sample changer is also available.

1   A new compact design of the buret & the titration station.
The new design reduces bench space by 25% compared to the previous model. The new buret of the B-1700 is compatible with conventional COM series titrators.

1   Advanced functions and excellent operational performance of the COM-1700!


Multitasking function Up to 4 parallel titration stations
Titration methods Potentiometric titration (acid/base, redox, precipitation, non-aqueous, complexiometric titrations), Photometric titration, Polarization titration, Conductometric titration *each requires a proper measurement unit: S/M/P/E-1700 amplifier.
End-point detection mode Learn titration, Auto inflection-point detection, Set-point detection, Set/Auto end-point detection, Cross-point (F,B,V1,V2) detection, Dispensing, TAN/TBN in petroleum products (Oil1/Oil2), pH measurement, pH-Stat, pKa, Calculation mode
Number of endpoints Up to 5 end-points with linked method files or a Learn titration file.
File function Titration run files: 51 files
Sample files: 99 files (Sample No., ID code, Sample size, Master file)
Auto input function Automatic input of blank, factors, concentration measurement results
Calculations Concentration calculation, statistics calculations, pH automatic compensation, recalculation
Data capacity Internal memory: 100 data,
USB flash memory (>256MB) Max. approx.9900 data
GLP compliant function Buret precision test, Electrode check, Buret use frequency, Electrode maintenance, Reagent level alarm
Burets Expandable up to 10 burets per titration station
Printer Built-in thermal printer (paper width: 58mm)
*Optional external printer:Dot impact printer PR-302B
Touch panel screen 7.5 inch color graphics LCD
External input/output RS-232C: 1 port, LAN: 1 port, USB flash memory stick: 1 port
Interfaces for external printer and C-1712 sample changer
Power supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 60VA
Dimensions / Weight Main unit: 250(W) x 400(D) x 200(H) mm / Approx.6kg