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F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Supplier : Hitachi High-Tech
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F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Product Description

Hitachi’s Superior Fluorescence Technology has Created a New Generation of Fluorescence Spectrophotometers. “High S/N Ratio, Ultra-fast Scanning, Compact Design, Multiple Accessories”

1.  One of the highest S/N Ratio: 250: 1 (Peak to Peak); 800:1 (RMS)  

  •  The improved S/N ratio provides greater capabilities for trace-sample 
     measurements. The lowest detection limit could be at      1 x 10-12
     mol/L fluorescent.

2.  F-number 2.2 mechanically ruled concave diffraction grating 

  •  Mirror-finished groove surface results in high diffraction 
  •  Groove spacing required for aberration correction can be 
     adjusted,making it possible to have a greater correction 
  •  These gratings work well to create an excellent monochromator.

3.  60,000 nm/min ultra-high scanning speed

4.  3-D time scan spectrum could displace a traced chemical reaction
(New function)

  •  Conventional instruments are difficult to measure the chemical reaction. 
     A quick reaction which occurs within 1 minute could be measured only by
     using the fixed-wavelength method. The  F-7000 is capable of following
     such a quick reaction because of its fast scanning, measuring the entire
     wavelength range within 1 second.

5.  Measures up to 6-digit concentration values     

  •  It is possible to generate calibration curves using up to 6 digit
     concentration values. An unknown sample can be quantitatively
     analyzed without additional sample preparation.

6.  Phosphorescence measurement                 

  •  With the F-7000, the analysis of phosphorescence life of 1 ms order 
     can  be performed at room temperature without special accessories.

7. Micro-plate Accessory                                                            

  •   Automatic measurement using a 96 well microplate is  available.       
  •  Used as an autosampler, allows wavelength scan, time scan, and 
     3-dimensional measurement.                                                        
  •  Can be sued in conjunction with the polarization accessory.