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QLAB Pro Microwave digestion

Microwave Digestion
Supplier : Questron
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QLAB Pro Microwave digestion

Microwave Digestion

Product Description

QLAB Pro Microwave digestion system

  • On-line Applications Directory
  • On-line EPA protocols
  • Data storage and retrieval
  • Active PC notebook or desktop processing control
  • Controlled pressure up to 1500 psi                                           Our UHP vessels are equipped with Q-Sens™ sensor module.
  • Controlled temperature up to 230ºC                                      Assures complete digestion of even the most difficult samples
  • Automated power control                                                        Never again will you have to adjust power. One vessel or ten, the power adjusts automatically according to sample methodology


Oven Specification:

  • Microwave power output : Up to 1200 Watts                          

  • Magnetron frequency : 2450 MHz

  • Exhaust : 150 CFM

  • Control interface : colour LCD touchscreen

  • Maximum samples : 10 (UHP & VHP) and 30 LVHP         
  • On-board method storage: 10 methods storage (Time to-temperature)

                                                     5 methods storage (Time-to-power)