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Kurabo QuickGene-Mini480 Nucleic Acid Isolation System

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Kurabo QuickGene-Mini480 Nucleic Acid Isolation System

Kurabo Products

Kurabo QuickGene-Mini480 Nucleic Acid Isolation System

Kurabo QuickGene Mini480 is a high-throughput compact system requiring no centrifugation in the isolation process, giving less strain to samples and enabling rapid nucleic acid isolation. DNA/RNA can be easily isolated from various samples including whole blood/tissue/cells/plants/virus and others.

Compact Design

The small, lightweight QuickGene-Mini480 takes up minimal space on the lab

  • bench and is easy to carry.
  • No need to move the samples from the lab bench without centrifugation throughout the whole isolation process.

Revolutionary Porous Membrane

  • The QuickGene-Mini480 uses patented porous membrane only 80 m thick.
  • Depending on the outstanding adsorpfion/desorption performances of the membrane, high-purity nucleic acid can be easily obtained in high yield at low pressure.
  • The ultra thin membrane enables nucleic acid isolation in shorter time than when compared to glass fiber membranes.

High Purity, High Yield

  • QuickGene-Mini480 can stably isolate nucleic acid in high yield.
  • The isolated DNA/RNA can be directly applied to PCR, RT-PCR, Next Generation Sequencing Analysis, etc.

Easy & Rapid Processing

  • The operation is simple. Just set the sample and rotate the grey pressurizing Rotary Switch on both side of the device.
  • No centrifugation process, no need to remove and transfer the liquid after sample pre-treatment to save valuable time.
  • Process 1 to 48 samples per run.  And enhance usability by using Multichannel Pipettes. (NEW)

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