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Tips for LTS Pipettes

Pipettes & Tips
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Tips for LTS Pipettes

Pipettes & Tips

Product Description

Rainin BioClean LTS tips are designed specifically for the Rainin LTS LiteTouch System and feature a cylindrical design with a small sealing area and a positive stop to avoid over-insertion of the shaft. Together with LTS-pipettes, they reduce tip ejecting forces by up to 85%. Additionally, on multichannel-models, the LTS system guarantees perfectly even performance on all channels.


 Racks (LTS) – Easy and Practical
An easy and practical way to store and load tips. In 96- well format – sturdy and reusable. Fast loading, good protection & autoclavable.

 GreenPakTM (LTS) – Individual Refills

Individually sealed refill racks for LTS tip tacks. Shell and rack made from recycled materials. 75% less waste than conventional packaging.

 StableStak (LTS) – Multichannel Performance

Extra sturdy multi-layer racks with rubber feet for high throughput. Using little space and generating 60% less waste.

 Specialty LTS Tips for specific applications

With these special tip geometries, we provide our customers with the choice of using a pipette tip with a shape that is optimized for any application.

  SpaceSaverTM (LTS) – Ecological refill

The environmental solution for rack refilling. Sleeve, cover, plates and rack made from recycled material. Safe, fast, needs less space, producing less waste.

  StableRak (LTS) – Individual High-Performance Racks

Very sturdy and easy to use, these double - 96-well-format racks are designed for high-production environments.

 Bulk Tips (LTS) – For Small Budgets

The most economical way to get top quality tips. Packaged in re-sealable zip-lock bag. To refill racks manually.