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Single Channel Pipettes E4™ XLS+™ Electronic Pipettes

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Single Channel Pipettes E4™ XLS+™ Electronic Pipettes

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Product Description

E4 XLS Single Electronic Pipette

l Large screen, joystick control and carousel menus speed access to all modes and options

l Standard functions include Basic pipetting, Multi-dispensing and Mixing

l True Manual™ pipetting mode permits continuous real time control of pipetting speed and direction, combined with precise volume measurement

l Advanced functions include sequential volume programming, fixed volume, titration, dilution and reverse mode pipetting

l Independent control of aspirate, dispense and mix speeds for liquids with non-aqueous properties, hot or cold

l Blowout and automatic dispensing options for precision pipetting protocols

l Ergonomic fingerhook and joystick provide maximum comfort

l Multilingual display and on-screen Help

l Easily accessible service records and alarms

l RFID enabled for advanced asset management

l Li-Ion battery and Wall Power Supply included

l Rapid Charge Stand optional. Charges three pipettes simultaneously in one hour

l LTS or Traditional liquid ends

                                     Type            Volume Range
E4-100XLS        Electronic Pipette     10 μl–100 μl
E4-300XLS        Electronic Pipette     20 μl–300 μl
SE4-200XLS      Electronic Pipette     20 μl–200 μl
SE4-5000XLS    Electronic Pipette     500 μl–5000 μl
E4-2000XLS      Electronic Pipette     200 μl–2000 μl
E4-10XLS          Electronic Pipette     0.5 μl–10 μl
SE4-10XLS        Electronic Pipette     0.5 μl–10 μl
SE4-2000XLS    Electronic Pipette     200 μl–2000 μl
E4-20XLS          Electronic Pipette     2 μl–20 μl
E4-10MLXLS     Electronic Pipette     1 ml–10 ml
SE4-300XLS      Electronic Pipette     20 μl–300 μl
SE4-20XLS        Electronic Pipette     2 μl–20 μl
E4-5000XLS      Electronic Pipette     500 μl–5000 μl
SE4-1000XLS    Electronic Pipette     100 μl–1000 μl
E4-1000XLS      Electronic Pipette     100 μl–1000 μl
SE4-100XLS      Electronic Pipette     10 μl–100 μl
E4-20MLXLS      Electronic Pipette     2 ml–20 ml
SE4-10MLXLS    Electronic Pipette     1 ml–10 ml
E4-200XLS         Electronic Pipette     20 μl–200 μl
E4BATT              E4BATT                          N/A
E4RCS                E4RCS                           N/A
E4RCSWPS        E4RCSWPS                    N/A
E4WPS               E4WPS                            N/A