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Single Channel Pipettes Pipet-Lite XLS

Pipettes & Tips
Supplier : RAININ
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Single Channel Pipettes Pipet-Lite XLS

Pipettes & Tips

Product Description

Pipet-Lite XLS Single Channel Pipette

• Accurate and Precise
• Light operating forces

• Ergonomic Balanced Design
• Easy Volume Adjustment

• Silicone Shock Absorber

• Patented LTS LiteTouch system for ultra-low tip ejection force

• Quick-Release Tip Ejector

• Rugged Design and Construction
• RFID for Pipette Calibration Tracking


  Type Volume Range  
L-2XLS Manual Pipette 0.1 μl–2 μl  
L-10XLS Manual Pipette 0.5 μl–10 μl  
L-20XLS Manual Pipette 2 μl–20 μl  
L-100XLS Manual Pipette 10 μl–100 μl  
L-200XLS Manual Pipette 20 μl–200 μl  
L-300XLS Manual Pipette 20 μl–300 μl  
L-1000XLS Manual Pipette 100 μl–1000 μl  
L-2000XLS Manual Pipette 200 μl–2000 μl  
L-5000XLS Manual Pipette 500 μl–5000 μl  
L-10MLXLS Manual Pipette 1 ml-10 ml  
L-20MLXLS Manual Pipette 2 ml-20 ml  
SL-2XLS Manual pipette 0.1 μl–2 μl  
SL-10XLS Manual pipette 0.5 μl–10 μl  
SL-20XLS Manual pipette 2 μl–20 μl  
SL-100XLS Manual pipette 10 μl–100 μl  
SL-200XLS Manual pipette 20 μl–200 μl  
SL-300XLS Manual pipette 20 μl–300 μl  
SL-1000XLS Manual Pipette 100 μl–1000 μl  
SL-2000XLS Manual pipette 200 μl–2000 μl  
SL-5000XLS Manual pipette 500 μl–5000 μl  
SL-10MLXLS Manual pipette 1 ml-10 ml